BMW Teams Up with AirConsole to Bring Multi-Player Gaming to the New 5 Series


BMW has partnered with online video game platform AirConsole to introduce a new gaming feature in the latest BMW 5 Series. This collaboration allows occupants of the all-electric 5 Series to enjoy gaming while the car is being charged. The feature was launched recently and offers several technological advancements.

To ensure safety, the gaming feature is only accessible when the vehicle is parked. Users can connect their smartphones as controllers and utilize the car's curved display as a gaming monitor. While it may not support resuming games like Fortnite, it offers a selection of 15 games initially, including racing, sports, quiz, simulation, strategy, and puzzle games. AirConsole already offers over 190 games, and BMW plans to expand the available portfolio.

The electric 5 Series, also known as the i5, is equipped with an 81.2kWh battery that provides a range of approximately 300 miles, depending on the specifications. Charging the battery from 10% to 80% takes around 30 minutes, which is relatively quick compared to other charging standards.

This gaming feature will likely be appreciated by parents on long journeys or families in need of entertainment. With the short attention spans of some children, it can serve as a useful distraction during taxi duty or when nerves are frayed due to extended travel. In celebration of this feature, BMW has adorned a new 5 Series with a vibrant purple design inspired by 8-bit graphics.


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