Sony and Honda's Afeela concept car is happening, on roads by 2026


Sony and Honda's joint mobility company, Sony Honda Mobility, has announced the unveiling of a new prototype electric vehicle (EV) called Afeela at CES in Las Vegas. Afeela will be the brand for the joint venture's first production EV, set to go on sale in 2026.

Sony Honda Mobility CEO Yasuhide Mizuno revealed that Afeela will leverage Sony's expertise in AI, entertainment, virtual reality, and augmented reality to offer a unique driving experience. The car will be equipped with over 40 sensors, including cameras, radar, ultrasonic, and lidar, which will be embedded all over the exterior of the vehicle to enhance its ability to detect objects and drive autonomously. Afeela will aim to embody three main themes: autonomy, augmentation, and affinity.

The prototype unveiled at CES has a sleek sedan design with a light bar across the front, a closed-off grille, and a high-gloss black roof. It also features black hubcaps and a light accent above the wheel wells. Some observers have noted that the Afeela prototype has a similar appearance to a mashup between a Porsche 911 and the Lucid Air.

Sony Honda Mobility plans to price Afeela to compete with other premium automakers such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volvo, and Audi. The company will also offer subscription services for its software, requiring vehicle owners to pay a monthly fee to access certain features. Preorders for Afeela are expected to open in 2025, with the EV being sold first in the US in 2026, followed by Japan and Europe at a later date


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