Globally, citizens are taking cautionary steps to neutralize the outbreak of Coronavirus. Proper hygiene is of the utmost importance during these times if we’re to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

Ensuring cleanliness around you should be your top priority, esp those objects which you use on a daily basis which includes your car. 

Legend Motors came up with some of the useful tips which could help you to disinfect car 


Firstly, let’s start with the ingredients you’ll need;

  1. Anti-bacterial Handwash
  2. Two Pairs of disposable gloves.
  3. A microfiber cloth which is used for cleaning cars
  4. Disinfecting wipes.
  5. Hand sanitizer for personal application.

The process of cleaning your car is fairly simple and soap will come to your rescue. Any liquid soap would do. You can use a bar of soap, but we don’t recommend that.

First, shower-up your car and then apply some liquid soap. Scrub the surface of your car for at least 20 seconds before rinsing off for the forth to do its job.

Note: While cleaning your car, always wear disposable gloves. 

Here some of the tips legend motors recommend while washing and disinfecting your car.

  1. Soap is easily accessible and can fight off Coronavirus.
  2. Don’t use bleach on your vehicle as it can damage.
  3. Don’t use solvents.
  4. Don’t use hand sanitizer on leather surfaces as it can dry out.
  5. Wipe off anything you wipe on in order not to leave stains.
  6. Prioritize the surfaces you use the most; door handles, steering wheel, seatbelts, gear selector and infotainment system.
  7. Use 80% alcohol as it is effective in fighting Covid-19.

Using bleach-based products can severely damage your electronics, so don’t use them to clean your infotainment system or steering wheel. Don’t use water either. Use bleach-free wipes and ensure that whoever touches it should have clean hands. 

Use the same bleach-free wipes for the interior and remember to keep hand sanitizers away from leather interiors as they can dry out the leather. 

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