Legend Motors is often asked the same questions by our customers. This is understandable, car export queries are often similar in nature. We have the responsibility of allaying customer concerns whilst successfully exporting customer’s automobiles from the UAE.

Choosing the right automobile export company is paramount to customers. They have every right to ask pertinent questions. Whether you’re moving to Europe for a prolonged professional secondment or have decided to relocate to the continent permanently, you may wish to bring your automobile with you.

Fully understanding individual elements of a new cars exporter in UAE level of service and commitment is vital. This helps customers to make an informed decision by choosing the right automobile export business for them and provides them peace of mind that their automobile will be appropriately safeguarded when in the possession of a new car export company in Dubai.

Here are three questions that car owners should always ask automobile export companies in the UAE before engaging their services.

The Services That Are Included in the Quotation

Shrewd car owners will compare quotes from different car export companies. They will also take note of any fine print and gain a thorough understanding of the services that are included in any quotation.

This is the only way that car owners can identify a new car exporter that will meet their expectations. One automobile export company may promise a port-to-port service for a specific cost whilst another may promise a door-to-door service for a moderately inflated cost.

Car owners need to fully understand the exact services are included in any price when exporting cars from the UAE. A trustworthy and transparent new car export business should provide you with a breakdown in cost, precisely highlighting the exact nature of the service. If you don’t receive this, why not ask for one?

The Approximate Collection and Delivery Times

Whereas it is impossible to provide car owners with a precise delivery or collection time, any learned and customer-focused new car export company in UAE will be able to provide customers with an approximate collection and delivery time.

An integral part of the export service, car owners need to know when their automobile will be collected for export. This allows them to make any essential arrangements on the day and remove any personal belongings, such as laptops, tablets iPhones or personal or professional possessions.

Conversely, it is paramount that car owners know when their automobile will be made available once exported. This allows them to make any essential arrangements, including travel to the automobile’s location.

An experienced new cars exporter in UAE will be able to narrow collection and delivery timeframes to the smallest window and answer any customer questions about the automobile transit process.

The Level of Vehicle Protection

Prior to agreeing to employ the services of a new cars exporting service, customers should always ask about the level of vehicle protection provided.

Be specific and ask about their own liability policy and what circumstances are covered. It’s not uncommon for Dubai car exporters to charge and additional fee for transport insurance. In this circumstance, car owners should consider whether paying the premium to cover the export of their automobile.

Remember, exporting automobiles is not without its potential perils. There is always the risk of fire, theft, or if being transported over water, the ship sinking, not to mention automobile damage in transit.

When car owners consider what they stand to lose if the worst happens, the cost of paying an insurance premium suddenly appears negligible.

These are just three of the questions that any learned new car export company in UAE should be able to answer. Any experienced automobile export company like Legend Motors will be able to answer any question you may have.

If you have any other questions about the export process, contact Legend Motors today on: + 971 4 320 7688 or email us at: [email protected].