Exporting Toyota cars from Dubai is a pretty common thing among auto dealers, worldwide.

Now you must be thinking why from Dubai, moreover why a Toyota?

To your first why… there are some basic reasons why auto traders, worldwide, prefer exporting from Dubai. The first is the GCC specs which is pretty much far valued among the auto community. The second is that you don’t pay customs on.

Now coming to the main question on exporting a Toyota Car from Dubai.

Toyota Camry is one of the most popular cars and this feat is not a fluke, which makes it the perfect first car choice for millions worldwide. All the models of the Toyota brand are simply adored for good reasons.


Let us take a closer look into 10 reasons why you should export a Toyota Car from Dubai  


Toyota has Best Resale Value














Multiple surveys conducted in the last decade have pointed to the fact that Toyota has the most models with the best resale value. Not only sedan cars alone but for premium SUVs like the Land Cruiser and Land Cruiser Prado.

Toyota Prius for alternative fuel vehicles. Toyota stands out as a brand that sells fast in every vehicle category.

When exporting a brand new car, you should also consider the ease or difficulty of reselling it.

Research and Development


Toyota outweighs all when it comes to research and development budget.

Toyota has allocated $ 9 billion to its RnD wing during the next few years. In other words, you can say that Toyota spends more than $ 1 million per hour on improving their brand.

Great Batteries


Most often Toyota car batteries last long as the vehicle itself.

Brands with Conventional car batteries will call for a replacement after some time but with Toyota sedans or SUVs, you don’t need to ever change your battery. This is because almost all the models of Toyota runs on lithium/ion batteries.

Affordable Range


Toyota cars, on the financial side, are super cheap for what it offers. This makes Toyota a perfect choice for first car buyers. For instance, with a budget of $ 24,100, you can buy yourself a brand new 2018 Toyota Camry SE as your first car.

With a more robust budget of between $ 41,000 and $ 65,000, you go for the premium SUV segments like Land Cruiser Prado and Land Cruiser 200.

2019-Toyota-Prado-4.0-VXR       2019-Toyota-Land-Cruiser-GXR-GT

Varieties in every model

This is where we recommend you go for a vehicle with GCC specs. Dealers/brokers love to export a Toyota car from Dubai. In the Gulf region, Toyota offers ton options on every model.

For instance, 2019 Toyota Prado in Dubai is available in 3 options: EXR, GXR, and VXR. These segmentations signifies the number of option available (in increasing order). As one of the largest exporters of brand new vehicles, we also provide other options like TX, TXL, TXL1, and TXL2.


Such a complex yet tailored variety system eases the buyer’s purchasing decisions according to their budget.

Legend Motors Group currently has more than 26 Toyota Models with 3 to 8 variant of each. This gives you a wide array of cars to choose from.

Toyota Cars Stay on the Road


Toyota car models are forged in reliability. They are known to be tough, durable and long lasting. This alone is one of the many reasons behind ‘The Toyota Charm’ in an international auto market.

It’s evident from the surveys that 80 percent of Toyota cars that were sold during the year 2000 are still on the roads.

Remarkable, isn’t it? This respectable lifespan and durability are the features that auto importers don’t joke about.

Maintenance Cost

Toyota cars are economic when it comes to fuel efficiency and maintenance.


Credible rankings and reports have advocated Toyota’s dominance in the league of cars with minimum maintenance cost. For instance, the cost for maintaining a Toyota Corolla falls under $ 300 to $ 400 bracket per annum.

High Sales Volume

For three years in a row, Toyota has been the largest automaker in the world, based on the calendar year sales figures(2014 – 2018). Check the official report from Statista.

Toyota’s car sales worldwide during 2014 and 2018 (in 1,000 units)


Toyota continues to hold its roots in every automotive segment. Trucks, Pickups, family sized sedan, luxury SUVs, you name it and the brand stands.

Such a feat is achieved on the prowess of its comfy interior and cutting-edge safety specifications. If it’s your first car, go for a Toyota and you’ll be glad you did.

With Toyota, it’s hard to choose wrong.

Global availability

This is the most solid reason why you should export a Toyota Car from Dubai.


It has a presence over 170 countries and over 53 manufacturing companies in 28 countries across the globe.

With such a mammoth impression, there is no place where you won’t find a dealership selling Toyota cars or parts.  

More AWD/4WD Vehicles

Toyota land cruiser2018 Prado 4.0 vxr2018-prado-vxr


In the automotive industry, nobody has more AWD and 4WD vehicles on the market than Toyota.

And with its thrilling designs, Toyota is a top pick among the outdoor crowd who are looking to bring some value, style, credibility, and functionality to their adventures.

Every year Toyota gets the most industry accolades for its lineup of AWD and 4WD vehicles.


Final Thoughts on Why you should export a Toyota Car from Dubai

Regardless of the Toyota model you settle for, what’s even more crucial is that you own a vehicle with GCC specification. This means that your Toyota comes with an extra layer of resistance.

This will ensure that you don’t end up with a car that is plagued with mechanical problems.

Let us know if you consider Toyota a perfect first car choice for exporting? Do share your take on exporting a Toyota car from Dubai.

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